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Third-party risk management platform, tailored for the MACN community

Promotes community-
based due diligence

Leverages the power of
MACN’s incidents data

Reduces due diligence
turnaround time

Re-invests in collective action and capacity building of your counterparties

What is 3SeaDiligence?

3SeaDiligence offers the members of MACN with a one-stop solution for managing third-party risks, by giving them access to standardized due diligence and KYC tools, a centralized and secure repository to store and share information, and a user-friendly interface for easy search and filter of information, thus enabling them to implement a more comprehensive compliance and anti-corruption program.

On-demand screening of counterparties and review of compliance and risk scorecards, including access to official documents

Option to continuously monitor counterparties against sanctions and other regulatory lists, including politically exposed persons (PEPs)

Opportunity to request for enhanced due diligence, including access to detailed beneficial ownership information, corporate structures and relationship networks

Platform benefits

For those conducting due diligence

  • Save cost and time
  • Scale benefits
  • Reduced turnaround time

For those subjected to due diligence

  • Upload information in a single repository and in a standard format
  • Save time
  • Exposure to MACN members
  • Access to capacity-building tools

For MACN and the maritime industry as a whole

  • Revenue can be re-invested into capacity building and collective action to improve the operating environment

Business Case

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